What Are The Benefits Of Brown Sugar Substitute

Brown sugar substitute is a substance having a close to the brown sugar and calorie content involved in the metabolism. Such products include fructose, xylitol and isomalt. Sweeteners as sweetening agents are natural or synthetic. By natural include, firstly, substances derived from natural materials, and, secondly, artificially derived compounds which nevertheless occur in nature.

Synthetic as sugar substitutes – it is obtained by chemical compounds that are not found in nature.

Of course, when choosing between the natural and synthetic substances should prefer the first option. This, at least, it is safer for your health. But how to understand, looking at health food shelf in the supermarket, which of the ten cans to the basket? Let’s see together what it represents one or another sweetener or sweetener, and that should be chosen for those who want to lose weight and not to harm their health.

Benefits over sugar is that they are digested more slowly, have a low glycemic index. Yet due to its caloric sweeteners are contraindicated for people who want to lose weight. They are recommended or completely replace sweeteners or alternated with them.

Brown Sugar substitutes

Sodium cyclamate

The most popular brown sugar substitutes and their benefits


As already the name suggests, fructose – a fruit sugar. This sweetener digested more slowly than sucrose (sugar classic), but is converted in the metabolism of the same glucose. Fructose is used only if there is no alternative to sugar, but without the sweet, you can not.

Natural origin.

Not suitable for those wishing to lose weight. The advantage over sugar – slowly absorbed.


This is also a natural sugar that is commercially produced by fermentation of sucrose. Also isomalt is a natural component of honey and cane sugar. Actually, this sugar substitute basic properties about the same as that of fructose.

Natural origin.

Not suitable for those wishing to lose weight. Slowly absorbed without causing the burst of insulin in the body.


Xylitol, as strange as it sounds – it is Crystal alcohol. Transparent sweet crystals are obtained from waste vegetable raw materials: corn stalks, sunflower husks and wood. Xylitol, in spite of its caloric content, digested very slowly. In addition, the use of this sweetener has a positive effect on the condition of the teeth and gums.

Natural origin.

Partly for those wishing to lose weight (in small quantities). Slowly digestible, it has a positive effect on the health of your teeth and mouth. Overdose xylitol can cause stomach upset.

So, after reading this article, you already own may well form an opinion about what kind of sugar substitute you prefer. But in general, you can give a recommendation: if you are not overweight and you do not have a goal to lose weight then you can use as a regular sugar, and any natural sweeteners. Substitutes preferable in the sense that they are absorbed by the body over time and the level of glucose in your blood does not rise too sharply.

Eat right, do not forget about physical activity and then, even if you drink a glass of tea with the most common white sugar, nothing bad will happen.

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