Healthy Sugar Substitutes

Do you know that you can have healthy sugar substitutes as well? Since you have already read about natural sugar substitutes, you should also know that there are sugar substitutes that are healthy.

Stevia with FOS

Stevia is a super sweet herb from South America. You can get the herb in liquid and powder form in most health food stores. This type of sugar substitute is a concentrate and you should always remember that a little goes a long way.

Single blossom honey

Also known as red clover honey is a low-glycemic sugar substitute. The single blossom honey, as well as Agave Nectar, can be used to sweeten your drinks, but they are both very high-caloric and high-carbohydrate. Using these substitutes should be used very sparingly.


or regular table sugar is fine as a coffee sweetener and is only medium-glycemic. Large amounts of sucrose can be found in candy or baked goods and can really be more than is needed in a regular diet.

Some “not so healthy” Sugar Substitutes (based on known side effects)


Fructose is a healthy and naturally low-glycemic sugar that is found in fruit. Some stores will have it in a granulated form. As far as using the sugar to sweeten, the fructose is more sweet than table sugar. The bad thing that has come out in the news about fructose in recent years is that using the sugar too much can increase heart disease.


which is also known as birch sugar, is commonly used in baking and beverages. This sugar substitute will not cause blood sugar imbalances, promotes bone health and has been known to prevent tooth decay and plaque buildup. There is one warning is that if you eat too much of this sugar substitute you could experience gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea.

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