Natural Sugar Substitutes to Consider

When searching for the best sugar substitute you should know there are artificial sweeteners and those derived from natural sources. Many people these days prefer the natural sugar substitutes because some of the artificial ones have disadvantages. For example, aspartame was all the rage until it was found to cause cancer in laboratory rats. Once these studies were released many people stopped using it and saccharine, another artificial sweetener, came into favor.


Today there are three natural sugar substitutes worth your consideration and they are sucralose, agave nectar and stevia. Sucralose is better known by the brand name of Splenda. It is made from sugar, but is not sugar. Therefore it is safe for diabetics. Splenda is actually much sweeter than sugar but it measures the exact same which makes it perfect for cooking and baking. If you use any other brand there will need to be adjustments made or your food and drinks will be way too sweet. Read about Sucralose side effects.


Stevia is a natural sweetener that is actually an herb from the same family as the Chrysanthemum. Like sucralose, it is sweeter than actual sugar. You can purchase stevia most anywhere sugar substitutes are sold. It is considered safe for diabetic patients to use this sweetener, however if you do have diabetes you should consult with your doctor first. Because stevia is natural many people feel better about using it than they would an artificial sweetener.  Read about Stevia side effects.

Agave Nectar

As a hypersweet natural substance, Agave is very high in calories, but a fraction of the amount is needed to equal the same level of sweetness as sugar.  Agave is sweeter than honey, but is less viscous.  Agave is derived from the Blue Agave plant found mainly in Mexico.  Agave nectar is made up mostly fructose and glucose, Wikipedia sites one source at 92% and 8% respectively.

When choosing the best natural sugar substitute it may be necessary to test the different ones available and see what you prefer. One person may like stevia and the other may prefer sucralose. With any sugar substitute there may be controversy, and research is required to discover the product that is best for you. However you should know that natural sweeteners can be just as good, if not better than sugar and can definitely be better for your health.

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